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Model Train Sets

Model train starter sets serve as an ideal gateway into the captivating world of model railroading for youngsters, igniting their passion for this timeless hobby.

Each of these sets are carefully curated to provide young enthusiasts with a hassle-free introduction to the magic of trains, offering everything they need to embark on a creative journey.

By including a locomotive, rolling stock, tracks, and essential accessories, these starter sets eliminate the complexities of piecing together individual components, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable entry into the world of model trains.

They not only foster imagination and dexterity but also cultivate a deep appreciation for history, engineering, and craftsmanship, making them an exceptional choice for nurturing a lifelong fascination with model railroading.

Obies Trains has a wide variety of complete train sets always in stock. All scales. A train set is a great way to start the hobby and begin the journey of a young or newbie model railroad enthusiast. There are numerous high quality train sets in stock. These train sets represent a good value to beginners. Everything that you need to get your trains up and running in an afternoon. Each of our Train Sets comes complete, including engine, cars, full track and power pack. It’s everything you need do start a great model railroad adventure for yourself, your kids or grand kids.

Every one of these model trains sets is available from Obies Trains, in store or by special order.

HO-Scale Starter Sets

Bachmann HO 00706 Rail Chief Set With E-Z Track

N-Scale Starter Sets

Kato N 1060023 GE ES44AC Gevo And Mixed Freight Starter Set, Union Pacific

Kato USA - N Silver Streak Zephyr Starter Set,

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