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Accessories for Your Model Trail Layout

Here is a short list of accessories you can find at Obies Trains.





Trees (Assorted Types & Sizes)

Grass Vinyl Mat ( Various Colors)

Rail Cleaners

Plaster Cloth

Dust Monkey Tracking Cleaning Solution

Various Types of Oil & Grease



Retaining Walls

Earth Color Kits

Foam Sheets

Incline/Decline in Foam

Hot Knife Kits for Cutting Foam

Model Kits Engines,



Power Supplies & Controllers

Certainly, there are numerous accessories and details that can be added to your model train layout to enhance its realism and functionality. Here's a bullet list of additional model train accessories:

Scenery and Landscape Accessories:

Trees and shrubs

Grass and ground cover materials

Rocks and boulders

Roads and streets

Water features (ponds, rivers)

Fences and walls



Retaining walls

Catenary systems for electrified railroads

Ballast for track beds

Telephone poles

Street lights

Traffic signs and signals

People and animals figures

Vehicles (cars, trucks, buses)

Park benches and picnic tables

Trash cans and recycling bins


Fire hydrants

Structures and Buildings:

Houses and residences

Commercial buildings

Factories and warehouses

Train stations

Depots and terminals

Signal towers

Sheds and barns

Industrial structures (mills, factories)

Garages and workshops

Churches and chapels

Skyscrapers and city buildings

Farms and farm equipment

Public buildings (schools, libraries)

Operating Accessories:

Operating signals

Crossing gates and lights


Transfer tables


Water towers

Coaling stations

Oil derricks

Animated figures (people, animals)

Animated accessories (cranes, loaders)

Sound systems (for locomotive sounds)

Smoke generators

Remote control systems

Scenic Details:

Grass tufts and flowers

Scenic backdrops and murals

Ground foam and lichen

Static grass applicators

Snow and winter effects

Realistic water effects

Diorama kits

Static figures for scenes

Terrain contour materials

Track and Operation Accessories:

Trackside accessories (signals, mile markers)

Uncoupling tools and magnets

Track cleaning cars

Trackside detectors

Grade crossings

Block systems and occupancy detectors

Turnout motors and decoders

Power packs and controllers

Wiring and connectors

Control panels and signal systems

Weathering and Detailing:

Weathering paints and powders

Detailing parts (brake wheels, grab irons)

Rust and corrosion effects

Chalks and pastels for weathering

Decals and signs

Rust and graffiti decals

Maintenance and Display:

Maintenance tools and kits

Display cases and shelves

Train storage boxes

Lubricants and cleaning supplies

Workbenches and tools

These accessories allow model railroaders to create realistic scenes and operations, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the hobby. The choice of accessories depends on the scale and era of the model railroad, as well as the specific layout goals and personal preferences of the modeler.

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