Obies Customer Pledge

For my Customers I will provide you with a service that no other shop can match. You can always get a free tune up or free skills to learn about all your train products at Obies Trains.

I present to you the best there is to make you happy and better understand your modeling. My experience and tons of time spent in the industry and around the USA will provide you with vast amounts of knowledge and experience.

I would like to thank all my new and older customers for the time they spent with me and the purchases they have made Without the support of Clubs and Customers we could not make it.

Many shops in our great nation have closed and are being forgotten. We hope that more Hobby Shops can open and be part of our network. New Products are still being made and prices are different now then 10-yrs ago. A greater product and detail is making the Train and Hobby in a whole better. I have seen some jump in prices but also have seen competition among Manufactures to keep prices down.

This means more money to spend on a new product because it is affordable. A Hobby Shop Store Front can always help you out. On line can only help you so much. Today's Market people like seeing new  products and touching them. To hear the

New DCC Sound Engines will surely want you to buy one. Certain times of the year you can get special pricing and save.

If you make orders at the Hobby Shop you will not pay shipping. We are but a phone call away to help you and i encourage people to call us for help with there trains.

A friendly reminder. Remember to keep your track clean and those engines and cars will always work. And never store your trains in a hot attic

Keep coming to the Hobby Shop because after all train shops are far and few in between.

My hat is off to my customers.

Thank You

Fred Obermeyer
Owner, Obies Trains